Truthful Tuesday

All I have is emo, and I can’t figure out how to express it. Nothing horrible has happened; I just want to get back in bed and cry. I’m going to try not to act on that impulse or even less than usual will get done. Expect cheerful picture posts the rest of the day. I really need to figure out how to get that sense of accomplishment, because I need to justify my existence. Okay, no more whiny; I promise.


  1. isemancometh said: I know the feeling…it is just a cycle…it will pass. =)
  2. musingandmulling said: (((Hugs)))
  3. prettygirlwithahandgrenade said: <3
  4. onlyonemee said: It’s cool….we all have those days. *hugs*
  5. tweetface said: Hugs
  6. markv9 said: You are wonderful. Beka
  7. drethecajun said: I’m with ya on the emo. I got a notification that you KIKed me but I deleted the app so I don’t know what you said. Whoops!
  8. bekaboo posted this

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